28th Mar2013

Pender commissioners say chairman open about
animal shelter information

by Ken Clarke

PENDER COUNTY – Implications that Pender Commissioner Chairman George Brown withheld critical allegations given to him about wrong doings by county animal shelter employees is completely untrue according to two fellow commissioners.

Rumors and innuendos have been swirling this past week after it was implied by some addressing the commissioners about the animal shelter during the March 18 meeting that Brown had previous knowledge of wrong doings by animal shelter employees but failed to pass that information along to his fellow commissioners.

But this week two of Brown’s fellow commissioners David Williams, a fellow republican and Jimmy Tate, a democrat, said the chairman kept the board well informed about information he was getting from former shelter volunteers about what they claimed was taking place at the shelter.

In an email release by Williams in which an anonymous writer questioned the safety of shelter employees in regards to what they deemed as radical animal activist, Williams explained the release of the email as “being preemptive so I do not get accused of not sharing potentially controversial e-mails.  The Chairman has been falsely accused of this.”

When asked if he thought Brown had been forth coming about information he was receiving from the former volunteers Williams said “absolutely.”

“I have been the chairman and you get a lot of stuff thrown at you and a lot of people saying things to you, but Chairman Brown told us what he was hearing,” said Williams. “He told us what he was hearing.”

Tate who was also a former chairman of the board confirmed that Brown had been informing the commissioners about what was being said adding that he and fellow commissioner Fred McCoy had been copied on many of the emails that were being sent to Brown about the shelter.

“I even attended a meeting with one of the people with the chairman,” said Tate. “The chairman did tell the board what was going on.”

While he is confident Brown was forth coming with the information he was hearing Tate added he was still shocked and surprised by some of the criminal allegations that came out of the March 18 meeting.

Brown has insisted he has always been forthcoming with the information he received about what was taking place at the shelter.

The SBI has been contacted about the criminal allegations raised by the former volunteers but it has yet to be decided if they will launch an investigation.

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