18th Jun2012

Eastern Surfing Association rides NTB waves

by Contributor

The Central North Carolina (CNC) District of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) held its 3rd contest of the season on June 2, at the North Topsail Beach Access #4 on Topsail Island. Surfers were treated to glassy, thigh-to-waist conditions all day. Cody Leutgens made a return to the contest arena after being on hiatus for a year and handily won the 3A Men, the Open, and the Air Show. Contest winners were treated to prizes donated by sponsors 17th Street Surf Shop and Volcum.

CNC held a Novice Youth Surf contest at the Emerald Isle Western Regional Access on June 13.  The contest was for young surfers ages 14 and under who may never have competed in a contest before. The next CNC contest will be held June 23 or 24 at the Sheraton in Atlantic Beach.  Sign-up sheets are in local surf shops now. For more information, go to http://cnc.surfesa.org.


Novice Menehune:                             3A Men:                                            3A Boys:

1.   Victoria Newsom                                 1.  Cody Leutgens                                1.  Stevie Pittman

2.   Alejandra Monge                                2.  Cameron Privette                          2.  Ruffin Mancuso                                                                                                          3.  Clark Dean                                            3.  Blake Reese

2A Boys:                                             4.  Tyler Weeks                                  4.  Hunter Draughon

1.  Bradley Rideout                            5.  Justin O’Neal                                5.  Braden Munden

2.  Blake Reese                                  6.  Chris Lee

3.  John Guarino                                 7.  Philip Rice

3A Jr. Men:                                       Masters:                                             Sr. Men:

1.  Mason O’Neal                                  1.  Nathan Eubanks                              1.  Jerry Ennett

2.  Jared Stilley                                     2.  Curtis Evans                                     2.  Dan Brinson

3.  Thomas Horner                               3.  Josh Bradley

4.  Christian Norris

Grandmasters:                                  Legends:                                             Girls:

1.  Bill Miller                                            1.  Scott Rice                                           1.  Sydney Pittman

2.  Paul Poston                                        2.  David Sledge                                     2.  Taylor Sledge

3.  Phil Munden                                      3.  Tim Nixon


Women:                                                Ladies:                                               Menehune Longboard:

1.  Morganne McIntyre                           1.  Beth Schub                                        1.  Ruffin Mancuso

2.  Caleigh Cornell                                   2.  Jennifer Newsom                            2.  Hunter Draughon

3.  Braden Munden                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   4.  Blake Reese


Jr.  Longboard:                                   Men’s Longboard:                          Masters Longboard:

1.  Thomas Horner                                    1.  Kyle Sumer                                         1.  Paul Poston

2.  Mason O’Neal                                       2.  Cody Leutgens                                   2.  Glen Corey

3.  Christian Norris                                   3.  Josh Bradley                                      3.  Phil Munden

4.  Sam Love                                               4.  Philip Rice

5.  Jimmy Cannette

6.  Chris Lee

Legends Longboard:                        Jr. Womens Longboard:                Womens Longboard:

1.  Scott Rice                                              1.  Sydney Pittman                                    1.  Jennifer Newsom

2.  David Sledge                                       2.  Taylor Sledge                                        2.  Morganne McIntyre

3.  Tim Nixon

4.  Bill Berry                                                                                                                   Ladies Longboard:

5.  Bill Miller                                                                                                                  1.  Beth Schub

Menehune Bodyboard:                   Open Shortboard:                             Stand Up Paddleboard:

1.  Braden Munden                                  1.  Cody Leutgens                                      1.  Ryan Davenport

2.  Hunter Draughon                               2.  Brian Carpenter

3.  John Guarino                                      3.  Stevie Pittman                                     Air Show:

4.  Jared Stilley                                                                                                              1.  Cody Leutgens

5.  Curtis Evans

6.  Thomas Horner

Photo by John Sudrink

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